The bioresource center Ghent has a state-of-the-art biobanking facility at campus UZ Ghent. The facility was designed according to the ISBER best practices for biorepositories. All biobank storage devices are fully monitored and on-site backup arrangements are available. The facility is operated through an implemented quality management system, according to the ISO 9001 norm and the Flemish Biobank Network guidelines. The bioresource center Ghent was peer review audited in 2014 (according to the Flemish Biobank guidelines) and has participated successfully in external proficiency testing programs (provided by IBBL, endorsed by ISBER).

An overview of operational support can be viewed here:

  • Sample processing:
    • Aliquoting/dividing of samples
    • Serum preparation
    • Plasma preparation (platelet rich, poor and free)
    • Blood separation procedure with Lymphoprep
    • Special freezing procedures (slow freezing, snapfreezing, with isopenthane…)
  • Sample storage:
    • Room temperature (18-24°C)
    • ULTs (range -70°C to -85°C)
    • Isothermal freezers (vapor LN2, -170°C (±10°C))
  • Sample tracking and associated sample data management in BIMS
    • Every sample < unique ID < coded link
    • Pseudonimity → act as intermediate trusted third party < decoding key
    • Sample tracking from cradle to grave (with audit trail)
    • Use of BIMS system with essential datasets (solid samples/liquid samples/cell lines) for samples
    • Automatic generation of internationally implemented sample pre-analytical codes (SPREC, Standard PREanalytical Code)
  • Sample post-processing:
    • FFPE and cryoslide preparation
    • Thawing procedures
    • Aliquoting/dividing procedures
  • Virtual microscopy and extended analysis
    • Digitizing FFPE of cryoslides
    • Brightfield and fluorescence stainings
    • Standardized analysis options (counting, area measurements…)
  • Sample requests and transports
    • Sample queries and lookup
    • Sample release flow support
    • Wet ice or dry ice transport boxes/ cryopods with monitoring
    • Advice on MTA’s (templates available) in collaboration with HIRUZ CTU

If there is a need for operational or quality support, please contact the biobank manager, Elke Berneel, for an intake meeting. After the intake meeting, an agreement can be drawn up to clarify the services provided and the related service costs.

The operational processes in the lab are carried out by trained and biobank certified staff.

Team members (lab technicians):

  • Sarah Baetens
  • Delphine Eeckhout
  • Cedric Vandemergel
  • Maaike Van Hout

Team members (BIMS managers)

  • Sara Priem