Hiruz Biobank is the central point of contact for biobanking at UZ Gent. Our mission is to facilitate translational (biomedical) scientific research by being an open service center for all aspects related to biobanking.



As experts in biobank legislation and guidelines, we can guide you through the existing ethical and legal framework for biobanks in Belgium. Additionally, information on how to prepare biobank projects, how to apply for sufficient funding for biobanking and general “good biobanking practice” can be obtained by contacting us. We can offer operational support for your biobanking projects. The Hiruz Biobank has a state-of-the-art high quality and fully monitored biobanking facility, where your samples can be stored and traced throughout their lifespan.



The Hiruz Biobank is part of and active in multiple biobanking working groups, on national and international level.
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Hiruz Biobank Unit Manager: Dr. Elke Berneel

For questions concerning biobanking, please contact



Operational support: sample processing or storage needs?

Ethical and legal biobank framework

Preparing a biobank project of applying for funding?