As part of our mission to support clinical research we often come into contact with interesting commercial partners that have expertise in an area that we feel may benefit clinical research.

To do this we aim to bring researchers and interesting commercial companies together that are interested in doing research together.

If you have an interesting idea that combines your area of expertise and one of the following companies feel free to contact us. 



A Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is a software system to manage clinical trials in clinical research. The system maintains and manages planning, performing and reporting functions, along with participant information, tracking deadlines, milestones, study personnel trainings and certificates etc… All of this replacing other tracking systems you might currently use (such as excel, binders with training certificates, etc. …)

EDGE is a candidate CTMS developed by Southampton University (UK) and already used in KCE-funded research for tracking patient recruitment. We are currently looking for eager study staff willing to explore EDGE in their starting or upcoming studies, at their own pace. 

We offer you a manual, full support and (if desired) a short training session. In return we are interested to learn about your experience with EDGE, functionalities you used/ didn’t use/missed. Depending on the response we plan to retrieve feedback through a face-to-face meeting or questionnaire, not taking more than 1 hour of your time.

In case you are interested and/or in case you want to know more about EDGE, feel free to contact the Data Management Unit at

Be aware that for this try-out we can only set up a limited amount of trials.