BOZI: Berichten over Onderzoek en Internationalisering (UGent)

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ECR: a central platform for Early Career Researchers community

By early career researchers (ECRs) for ECRs to find and discuss funding opportunities, share experiences, mentor peers, and create impact through community engagement.

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H2020: IMI2 – Call 20

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is launching a new Call for proposals with funding opportunities in cancer, tuberculosis, vaccines, psoriatic arthritis and drugs based on proteins. Call ID: H2020-JTI-IMI2-2020-20-two-stage. Action Type: RIA – Research and Innovation Actions.

BUDGET: € 140.209.500 available from EFPIA companies and IMI2 Associated Partners, and € 133.009.000 from the IMI2 JU.
DEADLINE stage 1: 21 April, 2020
DEADLINE stage 2: 5 Nov, 2020
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VLAIO: Artificial Intelligence (AI-ICON)

With the thematic ICON projects artificial intelligence (AI-ICON), VLAIO wants to bridge the gap between research results in the field of artificial intelligence and its applications in Flemish industry.

BUDGET: 50% funding for companies, 100% funding for research
DEADLINE: 7 July, 2020
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KOTK: clinical research

Kom op tegen Kanker (KOTK) funds clinical research that meets four conditions: (1) the research is carried out in (ex-)cancer patients, (2) a medical intervention (diagnostic or therapeutic) is tested on patients in prospective studies, (3) the study investigates the effect of this intervention, (4) the aim of the intervention is to improve the chances of survival or the quality of life.

BUDGET: no limit, up to 4 years
DEADLINE abstract: 31 Jan, 2020
DEADLINE proposal: 30 June 2020
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BOF: Research Equipment

Through this call Ghent University supports once every three years the purchase of basic research equipment with a maximum value of € 150.000 (VAT incl.). Especially for the alpha-faculties, the call also provides the opportunity to purchase or implement large databases, such as commercial databases, data collections obtained through surveys or panel studies.

BUDGET: € 150.000
DEADLINE: 4 June, 2020
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KOTK: doctoral fellowship

For promising scientists who carry out highly specialised cancer research and do not receive government support, Kom op tegen Kanker created the Emmanuel van der Schueren scholarships. There are starter grants (1 year) for researchers who want to start a PhD or finishing grants (6 months or 1 year) for researchers who want to finish their PhD and obtain their PhD title.

SALARY: € 42.000 for 1 year
DEADLINE: 30 April, 2020
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FWO: International research infrastructure (IRI)

The International Research Infrastructure (IRI) programme governing the participation in and/or funding of international research infrastructure aims to support the Flemish participation in and/or funding of international investment initiatives that are carried out at large-scale international or supranational facilities to which the Flemish Government contributes and/or whose strategic importance for Flanders can be demonstrated.

BUDGET: € 21.000.000 available, co-funding is needed!
DEADLINE: 15 April, 2020
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FWO: Junior and Senior Research projects

Research projects are initiated by the researchers. Two types can be awarded: junior and senior research projects. The objective of the FWO’s Research projects is to advance fundamental scientific research. This happens on initiative of the researcher in all scientific disciplines.

BUDGET: from € 45.000 up to € 130.000 per year for staff and consumables, and up to € 150.000 for equipment, for a period of 4 years, min 2 years.
DEADLINE: 1 April, 2020
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FWO: Applied Biomedical Research with a Primary Social finality (TBM)

In the long term, the TBM programme aims at contributing to the implementation of (new) therapies, diagnostic techniques and preventive methods, which, without government funding, would not make it to the patient due to a lack of industrial interest.

BUDGET: from € 250.000 up to € 1.000.000 for 4 years
UGENT DEADLINE: 12 March, 2020
FWO DEADLINE: 23 March, 2020
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A new joint transnational call for research projects has opened recently in the framework of the ERA-NET NEURON, which focusses on neurosciences research. The scope of the call is the following: “Sensory disorders and their impact on the nervous system. They may include, among others, research into all the sensory modalities including the somatosensory system. Research questions addressing synergies across modalities and multisensory dysfunction are also encouraged in the present call”.

BUDGET: up to € 200.000 for 3 years
DEADLINE: 10 March, 2020
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UGent: Interuniversity BOF projects (iBOF)

All Flemish universities jointly launch a brand new iBOF-programme, which cofunds interuniversity projects. Within the iBOF programme, excellent, frontier or blue sky research will be funded, in a collaboration (consortium) of at least 3 promoters at at least 2 Flemish universities.

BUDGET: up to € 3.000.000 per consortium for 4 years, or € 400.000 – € 800.000 per promotor
DEADLINE Declaration of Intent: 5 Dec, 2019
DEADLINE full proposal: 31 May, 2020
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