Koning Boudewijn Stichting – Call Fund Generet

To support research on rare diseases to better understand the processes (causes and mechanisms) underpinning rare diseases and translating fundamental discoveries into better prevention, diagnosis or treatment for patients.

Deadline: 02/05/2022
Budget: 1.000.000 € over 4 years

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Koning Boudewijn Stichting – Research on hematologic cancers in adults

Support of research into the aetiology of hematologic cancers in adults or into the development of new therapeutic strategies.

Deadline: 27/04/2022
Budget: €300.000 for max. 2 projects

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Interreg – Vlaanderen-Nederland

Vernieuwende projecten rond:  

  • Een slimmer Europa; innovatie en vaardigheden voor slimme transformatie 
  • Een groener Europa; klimaat, milieu en natuur 
  • Een socialer Europa; inclusieve arbeidsmarkt, opleiding en duurzame vrijetijdsbesteding 
  • Een Europa zonder grenzen; samenwerken om grensobstakels te overwinnen 

Deadline: 31/03/2022 
Budget: Geen minimum- of maximumbudget, max. 50% gefinancierd door Interreg

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Fonds voor hartchirurgie – Jacqueline Bernheimprijs

Prijs voor onderzoekers (<40jaar) in medisch-chirurgische cardiologie of transplantatie van thoracale organen (hart en/of longen)

25.000 EUR | Deadline: 31/03/2022

FWO – ERA-NET NEURON call 2022

A new joint transnational call for research projects on ‘cerebrovascular diseases including small vessels disease and the dysfunction of brain barriers’. 

Budget: €350.000 for 3 years| Deadline pre-proposal: 08/03/2022 

Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België

Nieuwe prijzen

  • Prijs Santkin voor onderzoek met betrekking tot de ziekte van Alzheimer - 10.000 euro (2.000 euro als persoonlijke beloning en 8.000 euro voor verderzetting van het onderzoek)
  • Prijs van de Academie voor fundamenteel wetenschappelijk onderzoek in de geneeskunde - 2.500 euro
  • Prijs van de Academie voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek in de diergeneeskunde - 2.500 euro

Deadline: 01/03/2022

FWO – International Coordination Action (ICA) call

To support coordination activities of international collaborative associations. The funds are used for general scientific coordination and administrative management of the collaborative association (excluding the actual scientific research).

Budget: €75.000/year for a period of 3 years | Deadline: 02/05/2022


To further sustain and expand the collaborations between Flanders and France.

Budget: €2.000/year for a period of 2 years | Deadline: 28/03/2022

FWO – ERA-NET JPco-fuND 2–call

A joint, transnational ERA-NET call for research projects on ‘Understanding the mechanisms of non-pharmacological interventions’.

Budget: €350.000 for 3 years | Deadline pre-proposal: 01/03/2022

Horizon Europe – Mission Cancer: Research and Innovation actions

The European Commission has launched three Research and Innovation (RIA) actions supporting the implementation of the Mission on Cancer:

• Develop new methods and technologies for cancer screening and early detection
• Develop and validate a set of quality of life and patient preference measures for cancer patients and survivors
• Better understanding of the impact of risk factors and health determinants on the development and progression of cancer

Deadline: 26/04/2022

FWO – ERC runner-up-projects

The FWO offers alternative funding for the five best of the unsuccessful ERC-Starting and Consolidator grant applicants, with the aim of strengthening a subsequent ERC application.

Budget: Starting grant: €70.000, Consolidator grant: €92.000 |Deadline Starting grant: 01/03/22, Consolidator grant: 01/06/22

FWO – Weave

To support excellent European collaborative research projects across national and regional borders. Within the framework of Weave, researchers who are eligible at the FWO, can submit at the FWO a joint bilateral or trilateral project with researchers from Germany (DFG), the French-speaking Community of Belgium (F.R.S.-FNRS), Luxembourg (FNR), Austria (FWF), Poland (NCN), Slovenia (ARRS) and/or Switzerland (SNSF).

Budget: FWO staff and consumables: €45.000-€130.000 per year; equipment: maximum € 150,000 per project Deadline: 01/04/2022 (internal UGent-deadline: 11/03/2022)

FWO – Junior and Senior Research projects

The objective of FWO's Research projects is to advance fundamental scientific research. This happens on initiative of the researcher in all scientific disciplines.

Budget Staff and consumables:  €45.000 to €130.000 per year, Equipment  maximum €150.000 per project for 2-4 years | Internal deadline: 11/03/22


The TBM programme aims at contributing to the implementation of (new) therapies, diagnostic techniques and preventive methods, which, without this government funding, would not make it to the patient due to a lack of industrial interest.

Budget: €215.000 - 850.000 (excl. overhead) for 2-4 years | Internal deadline: 10/03/22

FWO – Senior Clinical Investigator Fellowship

Supports medical doctors and specialist pharmacists who want to pursue a career in translational research. The fellowship grant is intended to exempt the fellow half-time from clinical duties to conduct research.

Budget: €60.000 per year | For 5-year part-time research, twice renewable | Deadline: 01/03/22

UGENT BOF – Interdisciplinary Research Projects

The budgets for interdisciplinary research projects enables a consortium, consisting of two professors, to establish a joint interdisciplinary research project.

Budget: €420.000 for 4 years | Deadline: 24/02/22

FWO – EJP-CALL on Rare Diseases

Topic: ‘Development of new analytic tools and pathways to accelerate diagnosis and facilitate diagnostic monitoring of rare diseases’. The FWO will support 1 project from an international consortium.

Budget: €350.000 (incl. overhead) for 3 years | Deadline pre-proposal: 16/02/22

Koning Boudewijnstichting (KBS) – Grants Cancer Prevention Research

To invest on a national level by financially supporting research in the field of primary and secondary prevention. 2 million euros will be devoted to the most promising research projects.

Budget:: €100.000-250.000 for 2-4 years | Deadline: 14/02/2022

UZ Gent: open call for funding -Rare diseases

The Fonds Zeldzame Ziekten UZ Gent supports research into rare diseases and care for patients and their families. UGent and UZ Gent employees can apply to the fund.

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ECR: a central platform for Early Career Researchers community

By early career researchers (ECRs) for ECRs to find and discuss funding opportunities, share experiences, mentor peers, and create impact through community engagement.