D.R.U.G. | HIRUZ | Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital | UZ Gent

January 16-17, 2020 | Virginie Loveling Building


Thursday, January 16, 2020

12h00 – Registration with light lunch

13h00 – Welcome

13h15 – Presentation of the Health, Innovation and Research institute
Prof. dr. Catherine Van Der Straeten, UZ Gent

13h30 – Immunotherapy and evolution in oncology
Prof. dr. Karim Vermaelen, UZ Gent

14h00 – CAR-T cell therapy for children in Belgium
Prof. dr. Barbara De Moerloose, UZ Gent

14h30 – What is acceptable / ethical to test in healthy subjects?
Prof. dr. Jan De Hoon, Leuven

15h00 – Coffee break

15h30 – Rare diseases and drug development
Prof. dr. Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg University Hospital

16h00 – Vaccination trials in adults and children
Prof. dr. Isabel Leroux-Roels, UZ Gent

16h30 – Health Campus 2020 – Vision UZ Gent
Prof. dr. Eric Mortier, UZ Gent

17h00 – Drink

Friday, January 17, 2020

8h00 – Registration with coffee

8h30 – Welcome

8h45 – Presentation of the Drug Research Unit Ghent (D.R.U.G.)
Prof. dr. Sylvie Rottey, UZ Gent

9h00 – Upstream Trial EORTC
Prof. dr. Jean-Pascal Machiels, UCL

9h30 – Paradigm shift in pediatric drug development
Dr. Bram De Wilde, UZ Gent

10h00 – Coffee break

10h45 – Phase I trials in patients: new approaches and designs in Oncology
Dr. Nuria Kotecki, Bordet

11h15 – The role of regulatory agencies during the development of innovative medicines
Prof. dr. Koen Norga, UZA I Greet Musch, FAGG

11h45 – Outcome of patients participating in early phase oncology trials at the Drug Research Unit Ghent (D.R.U.G.)
Dr. Brant Delafontaine, UZ Gent

12h05 Lunch break

13h00 – Presentation of the Safepedrug Clinical Trial Unit
Dr. Bram De Wilde, UZ Gent

13h15 – Pediatric drug target identification and preclinical validation
Dr. Kaat Durinck, UGent

13h45 – Safepedrug / BPCRN
Prof. dr. Johan Vande Walle, UZ Gent

14h15 – What does European networking brings to a National Paediatric clinical Research Network? The experience of France (PEDSTART)
Prof. dr. Régis Hankard, CHU Tours

14h45 – PK / PD drug research in vulnerable patient populations: not that evident!
Apr. Pieter De Cock, UZ Gent

15h15 – The implementation of the Clinical Trial Regulation: state of play at European and national level
Greet Musch, FAGG

15h45 – Health Campus 2020 – Vision UGent
Prof. dr. Piet Hoebeke, UZ Gent

16h15 Reception

Accreditation is requested
MDEON visum V2 is approved

With special thanks to vzw Kinderkankerfonds, a non profit child cancer foundation.

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