Brussels (BE)


Oct 12 2023

EU – Citizen Science in Horizon Europe and projects workshop

With Horizon Europe, Open Science is not limited anymore to open access but is defined as “an approach based on open cooperative work and systematic sharing of knowledge and tools as early and widely as possible in the process”. The European Commission encourages the engagement of citizens, civil society and end-users in this cooperative work. In some calls it is not only an encouragement, but even clearly required in the call topic.

But what is meant by citizen science in Horizon Europe context? When is it encouraged, when is it needed? What do I need to know as an applicant? What are the lessons learned of active projects? The Horizon Europe National Contact Points NCP Federal BE, NCP Flanders, NCP-FNRS and NCP Wallonie have set up this workshop to tackle these questions and help you to understand how and when to integrate citizen science in the design of your Horizon Europe project.