The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) is launching a new call for the KCE Trials Programme (deadline for submission 15th September 2020). 

What and for who?
The KCE Trials programme, including the 2020 call, focuses on pragmatic and practice-oriented clinical studies which show comparative effectiveness and clear value for money by a potential return on investment. Those studies compare two treatment options (with ‘no treatment’ being one of the possible treatment options) that are already in use in clinical practice in a given indication, but are not yet sufficiently directly compared (i.e. which of the two treatment options work best in daily practice). Accepted study interventions are not limited to drugs or medical devices but also include a broad range of interventions, such as psychotherapy, diet, diagnostic tests, surgery or ways to deliver health care. In addition, repurposing trials using off-patent drugs are eligible for funding under certain conditions.

This call will be investigator-led, meaning that investigators who submit a research proposal outline will have the support of the Clinical Trial Unit of Health, Innovation and Research Institute (HIRUZ) to perform the proposed clinical trial.

For more information and support, please contact HIRUZ CTU via Hélène De Naeyer ( or 09/332.05.05).