Procedure master theses, bachelor theses or theses, 01/04/2019

Step 1

Prepare EC advice request documents

You fill in the appropriate request for advice form electronically as can be found on the website of the Commission for Medical Ethics connected to U (Z) Ghent (no handwritten advice request forms or forms without title are accepted) ( /overuz/committee-for-medical-ethics/Pages/documents-academic-research.aspx)

Request for advice form D: theses or Z-line

Request for advice form E: theses or Z-line as part of an already approved academic study, or student who participates in a project that is submitted (on request form A, B or C)

The student is also asked to sign an information and warning note if he / she will look into the medical data of patients. This is necessary because the student has no treatment relationship with the patient and the rules of professional secrecy apply here

Step 2

Registration with the Medical Ethics Committee

You email the completed advice request form in ethical form to, together with other study documents such as the ICF, protocol, recruitment material, questionnaires, etc.

A completed data processing register for academic research must also be submitted.

For multicentre studies, the study must also be submitted to the ethics committees of the other participating centers. You must arrange this yourself. An insurance certificate can be delivered on request by Hiruz ( and the Medical Ethics Committee.

Step 3

Awarding project number

After admissibility check, the Medical Ethics Committee will send you your project number by email.

Step 4

Questions, comments or approval The Medical Ethics Committee will contact you by e-mail with questions or comments and may or may not give you a favorable opinion.

Step 5

After approval

You can start the study as soon as you have received favorable advice. Please notify the Medical Ethics Commission ( by mail at the start of the study (= date on which the first study action was taken).

Step 6

Unsubscribe study

Afterwards one must report the end of the study to the Medical Ethics Committee ( This must include the date of the last study operation, the final number of participants and any details.