The Trials programme of the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) launched a fast-track rolling call for clinical studies on COVID-19.

KCE Trials opened a rolling call for proposals on COVID-19 clinical trials, using a fast-track selection procedure (4 weeks from submission).

This fast-track COVID-19 call focuses on non-commercial multi-centre randomised interventional trials that could be up and running within the next months. Eligible trials, within the scope of this call, are drug repurposing studies of old (off patent) medication that could help treat COVID-19. Trials including newer drugs (on patent and already on the market) are also in scope, provided the Sponsor has a strong justification why the study should/would not be performed by the market authorisation holder. Drugs still in development are out of scope. The type of intervention is not limited to drugs and medical devices, but also includes diagnostic trials with clinically relevant endpoints for the treatment of COVID-19, as well as interventions related to the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients.

It is a rolling call, meaning that the selection process starts upon submission and that there is no fixed closing date (the tentative closing date of the call, October 15th 2020).

For more information and support, please contact HIRUZ CTU via Hélène De Naeyer ( or 09/332.05.05).