Multiple guidelines, norms and practical protocols are accessible to all kinds of biobank practices. As central biobank facility, we are liaised with multiple national and international biobank networks and have access to a wide range of collaborators and biobank experts. We can assist with advice on your biobanking projects:

  • In the application stage:
    • Sample flow logistics and analysis
    • Budget proposals for funding agencies
    • At start-up of collections:
    • Advice regarding collection, processing, storage and thawing procedures for human body material (HBM), according to international accepted guidelines
    • Advice on collection, processing and storage tubes
    • Advice on optimal sample flows: from collection → storage → analysis

By contacting us early, before or in the application stage of your biobank project, the entire biobank flow can be analysed (consent, sample collection, temporary storage and transport of samples, long term storage of samples, needed volumes and quality of the samples for analyses, release of samples…), thus ensuring that the samples and volumes pertained are relevant for the study and that no unknown or unnecessary costs pop up during the project.