Mission and vision

HIRUZ biobank is the central point of contact for biobanking. Our mission is to facilitate translational (biomedical) and clinical research by operating as an open service center for all aspects related to biobanking. The HIRUZ biobank acts as a service-providing, strategic and collaborative facility for research groups of both UG and UZG, and manages the central local biobank register of FAMHP accredited biobanks.

HIRUZ Biobank has built up the necessary expertise and know-how regarding “biobanking”. We manage a central state-of-the-art biobank facility at Campus UZ Gent, where samples can be stored to a high standard in the context of scientific research.

We can offer support with:

  • The ethical and legal framework for biobanks in Belgium
  • Starting up biobank projects: when applying for funding, for further practical elaboration and operational actions
  • High-quality biobanking: working in accordance with European/internationally accepted standards (ISO standards, ISBER protocols, etc.)
  • Operational support (processing, storage, etc.) of biobanks, via our central biobank facility


HIRUZ Biobank Unit Manager:

Dr. Elke Berneel (elke.berneel@uzgent.be) (T: +32 9 33 23673)

For questions concerning operational support, please contact hiruz.biobank@uzgent.be


The HIRUZ biobank is located at the Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Ghent. The offices are located at entrance 81, route number 810-812. The biobank lab and storage location is located at route number 639 that can be found via entrance 71, 46 or 50.



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