HIRUZ biobank has a high quality and fully monitored biobanking facility, where your samples can be stored and traced throughout their lifespan. We can offer our services for full or partial operational support for your biobanking projects, tailored to your needs.

We provide biobank services (fee-for-service model) for biobanking activities related to academic research projects or to clinical trials. The operational processes in the lab are carried out by trained and certified biobank staff members. 

  • For operational support, please fill in our ‘application form for operational support’
  • For virtual microscopy, please use our ‘application form for virtual microscopy’

An overview of our services

Sample processing

  • Aliquoting/dividing of samples
  • Serum preparation
  • Plasma preparation (platelet rich, poor and free)
  • Buffy coat collection
  • Blood separation procedure with Lymphoprep™
  • DNA/RNA extraction procedures
  • Cerebrospinal fluid preparation

Special freezing procedures

  • Slow freezing with CoolCell®
  • Snap freezing with LN2
  • Snap freezing with isopenthane

Sample storage (both human and animal material; with temperature monitoring)

  • Room temperature (18°C-24°C)
  • Frozen storage (-20°C or -35°C)
  • Ultra low temperature freezers (range -70°C to -85°C)
  • Isothermal freezers (vapor LN2, -170°C (±10°C))
  • Project-specific read-only access to Biobank Information Management System (BIMS)

Sample post-processing

  • FFPE sections and cryosections 
  • Thawing procedures (bead bath/RT/4°C)
  • Aliquoting/dividing procedures
  • DNA/RNA extraction
  • Sample quality control (Agilent 4200 Tapestation (RIN/DIN), Trinean Little Lunatic)

Virtual microscopy and extended analysis

  • Digitizing FFPE slides or cryosections
  • Brightfield and fluorescence staining
  • Standardized analysis options (counting, area measurements…)
  • For educational and research purposes

Sample requests and transport

  • Sample queries and lookup
  • Sample queries from the tumour biobank
  • Sample release flow support
  • Wet ice or dry ice transport boxes/cryopods with monitoring
  • Template agreement documents for transports of HBM (material transfer agreements)
  • Advice on how to fill in the sample request forms of the material transfer agreements

Availability of dry ice and liquid nitrogen

Lease of laboratory equipment

  • Cryostat
  • Microtome

Advice on the ethical-legal framework related to human body material for research purposes

  • Advice about informed consent
  • Assisting researchers in submitting an approval for setting up a biobank

Advice center on biobanking and best practices

  • Advice about the start-up of a biobank project and funding
  • Advice about scientific research with human body material (storage, pre-analytical factors, processing)
  • Advice about sample datamanagement and coding

Operational management of the tumour Biobank

Science communication and outreach

  • Participation in science events
  • Provision of educational material

If you can use our support for other processing procedures not listed here, please contact hiruz.biobank@uzgent.be