The Contract Unit (CU) provides legal advice and operational support in the drafting, reviewing and negotiation of a various types of contracts (in close collaboration with the HIRUZ Clinical Trial Unit and HIRUZ Valorisation unit and the DPO)

The contract team is also the legal liaison with the UGent contract team and TechTransfer office, and the UZ Gent central legal team (which continues to provide support for compassionate use and medical need programs, off-label use and loan equipment contracts).

Dr. Chloë De Witte | Contract Unit Manager


  • Confidential disclosure agreements
  • Material transfer agreements
  • Data transfer agreements
  • Commercial cinical trial agreements
  • Academic clinical trial agreements
  • Research funding agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Grant
  • Service agreements
  • Consultancy
  • Speaker agreements
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Symposium agreements
  • Data processing agreements,
  • Joint controllership agreements.


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Contract Unit
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C. Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent
+32 9 332 05 30