Digital signature for contracts by HIRUZ CU

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From now on, all agreements reviewed by the HIRUZ Contract Unit will be digitally signed by the Executive Director of the University Hospital Ghent. Exceptionally, a ‘wet ink’ signature is possible, please take into account that there is a longer waiting period. The doctor or researcher signing the agreement is also advised to sign digitally.

The Executive Director only signs the agreements submitted by HIRUZ Contract Unit and this via the Adobe Acrobat Reader eID software.
Agreements forwarded directly to the Executive Director will not be signed. In this context, please do not distribute the Executive Director’s e-mail address to external parties.

Digital signing is possible via Adobe Acrobat Reader eID software in the following way:

  • Open the document with ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader‘.
  • In the toolbar, right-click [More Tools] and then [Certificates].
  • In the toolbar at the top, click the pen icon [Digital Signing].
  • Use your mouse to select the place in the contract where you want to add the signature.
  • A window now appears where you need to confirm the signature with your eID. Click Continue and Sign.
  • The programme will ask you to save the signed document. Please save this as a PDF and then transfer it back to
  • HIRUZ will arrange for a final signature by the Executive Director.

HIRUZ Contract Unit