Research Portal: Updated ‘Bachelorproef/Masterproef/MaNaMa’

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Updated application ‘Bachelorproef/Masterproef/MaNaMa’

At the end of January, the Research Portal received an upgrade. Since then, a change to the template and associated flows of ‘Bachelorproef/Masterproef/MaNaMa’ has become applicable.

Using the ‘Bachelorproef/Masterproef/MaNaMa’ template, one can now submit only one application per thesis topic. The previous system in which each student needed their own separate approval, no longer applies. Multiple students working together on the same thesis are now listed together in the same thesis application and receive the same advice.

Please note that previously created drafts (‘Concept request form’, i.e. applications not yet submitted) were automatically transferred by the system during the upgrade. Please adjust the content, where necessary, before submission of your application. Already submitted thesis applications do not need to be adjusted and will still be processed in the old way during a short transition phase.

Nothing changes for students being added to an already approved (general) study; the template ‘Toevoegen Student (aan algemeen onderzoek)’ remains applicable.