Research portal inaccessible (30 Nov 23 – 04 Dec 23)

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A data transfer into the research portal for all ongoing research projects approved before January 2022 will take place soon. The research portal will be inaccessible from Thursday 30.11.2023 (15.00h) until Monday 04.12.2023 (08.00h).

The original requestor (only if this person has an account in the research portal) and local Ghent University (Hospital) PI will be linked to the transferred dossiers. When the transfer is ready, the requestor and PI will both receive an automatic email for every project they have been linked to.

After the data import, please check your studies for inconsistencies and update the status of the studies where needed (LifeCycle / Opvolging studie na goedkeuring).

If you need to be linked to a project as contact person, investigator, or as any other kind of study team member, please contact the original requestor and/or the PI. They will be able to add you to the research project (tab ‘Actors/Personen’).

More information follows when the data import has been completed.