Empowering Patient Engagement in Research (PAWO) – 9 February 2024

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PAWO (Patient Advisory Council for Scientific Research @ Ghent University Hospital) actively involves (former) patients, relatives, caregivers, and others in all aspects of scientific research. (Patients and relatives bring a unique perspective to scientific research.)

During Knowledge 2 Connect, you will discover:

  • The essence of patient participation in research and its profound benefits for patients, researchers, and the research itself.
  • The origin story of PAWO and its members today
  • How PAWO can become an invaluable partner in your research projects

After this introduction, two patients will share their experiences through inspiring testimonials.

Guest speaker: Wendy Van de Velde (Patiënten Adviesraad voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek [PAWO])

Language: Dutch

Venue: “Stille Ruimte” KCGG (entrance 42 or building K3, ground floor)

Lunch will be provided, thanks to our sponsors

Sign up: https://event.ugent.be/registration/K2Cempoweringpatientengagement