EU – Digital Europe calls 2024

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Different call topics were published:

  • DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-EDGE — Reference deployments of European cloud-edge services (industrial IoT Edge and Telco Edge developments)
  • DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-GREENDEAL— European Green Deal Data Space
  • DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-ENERSPACE – Energy Data Space
  • DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-MOBSPACE – Common European mobility data space
  • DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-HEALTHACCESS – Supporting patients’ access to their health data in the context of healthcare services for citizens across the EU
  • DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-HEALTHRECORD – Demonstrating the in- service use of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) in healthcare settings
  • DIGITAL-2024-AI-06-IMAGING – AI in support of Quantum-Enhanced Metabolic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems
  • DIGITAL-2024-AI-06-LANGUAGE-01 – Alliance for Language Technologies
  • DIGITAL-2024-AI-06-LANGUAGE-02 – Alliance for Language Technologies (CSA)
  • DIGITAL-2024-AI-06-FINETUNE – Making available a high performing open-source European foundation model for fine-tuning
  • DIGITAL-2024-AI-ACT-06-INNOV – EU AI Innovation Accelerator preparatory action
  • DIGITAL-2024-AI-ACT-06-SANDBOX – AI regulatory sandboxes: EUlevel coordination and support
  • DIGITAL-2024-AI-ACT-06-TESTAI – Pilot action for the establishment of future Union Testing Facilities in AI

Deadline: 29 May 2024

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