Interreg – Vlaanderen-Nederland

Vernieuwende projecten rond:   Een slimmer Europa; innovatie en vaardigheden voor slimme transformatie  Een groener Europa; klimaat, milieu en natuur  Een socialer Europa; inclusieve arbeidsmarkt, opleiding en duurzame vrijetijdsbesteding  Een Europa zonder grenzen; samenwerken om grensobstakels ...

FWO – ERA-NET NEURON call 2022

A new joint transnational call for research projects on ‘cerebrovascular diseases including small vessels disease and the dysfunction of brain barriers’.  Budget: €350.000 for 3 years| Deadline pre-proposal: 08/03/2022 

FWO – International Coordination Action (ICA) call

To support coordination activities of international collaborative associations. The funds are used for general scientific coordination and administrative management of the collaborative association (excluding the actual scientific research). Budget: €75.000/year for a period of 3 years | Deadli...


To further sustain and expand the collaborations between Flanders and France. Budget: €2.000/year for a period of 2 years | Deadline: 28/03/2022

FWO – ERA-NET JPco-fuND 2–call

A joint, transnational ERA-NET call for research projects on ‘Understanding the mechanisms of non-pharmacological interventions’. Budget: €350.000 for 3 years | Deadline pre-proposal: 01/03/2022

FWO – Weave

To support excellent European collaborative research projects across national and regional borders. Within the framework of Weave, researchers who are eligible at the FWO, can submit at the FWO a joint bilateral or trilateral project with researchers from Germany (DFG), the French-speaking Commun...