KCE – Trials 2024 investigator-led call will open on 21st May 2024

This call is investigator-led, meaning that investigators submit their own research idea as a research proposal outline and should have the support of a non-commercial sponsor to perform the trial themselves. It is strongly recommended that trials are developed and conducted with the support of a clinical trial centre or equivalent.
The participation of Belgian centres to an international non-commercial trial within the scope of this call, is also eligible for funding. In this case, the sponsor of the international trial should sign a commitment letter, confirming acceptance of the KCE Trials terms and conditions regarding a) the non-commercial nature of the trial and b) the data sharing policy. 

Only multicentre randomised studies will be accepted. Participating centres should include at least one centre from each region (Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia), unless there is a good justification not to do so. 

Deadline: 24 September 2024

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